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Personalised Rock Candy in Cliplock Jar CC_CC019F_402_409

Clip Lock Colour
Clip Lock Jar Size


Hand made personalised rock candy - the candy that puts your name on the lips of your customers!

Flavours:  Aniseed, apple, applemint, blackcurrent, cherry, grape, lemon, lemonade, lime, mango, musk, nectarine, orange, passionfruit, peppermint, pineapple, pinelime, raspberry, spearmint, tropicana, watermelon


Letters:  maximum of 15-20 capital letters (logo upon review)



Outer:  Choice colours for candy outside

Centre: Choice of colours for candy centre (recommend white)

Letters: Choice of colour

Flavour: Choice of flavour/colour (some restrictions apply)

Optional:  Sticker or Pad Print

Packaging options:

Clear jar with coloured lid (choice of white, black, blue, red, green, orange)    


Minimum order: 

65g - 125 jars

125g - 100 jars