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Privacy Policy

Little Beginnings (Australia) Pty Ltd (ABN 59 278 835 991), trading as Thrive Promotional Products and Corporate Gifts, values our clients and their privacy. In compliance with the Privacy Laws under the Privacy Act 1988, the following outlines briefly, how we manage the personal information that we collect.

Personal Information:

Personal information is deemed as gathered either electronically or personally.  In order to fulfill a requested service, the collection of certain personal information is necessary. The kinds of personal information we collect and store will depend on what products and services you request from us. However, it will include:  .

  • your name, address, telephone numbers, e-mail address, credit card details
  • gift or other recipient name (if different from purchaser), address, telephone numbers and e-mail address
  • feedback about your experience with Thrive Promotional Products and Corporate Gifts in the form of a testimonial or comment 

How your personal information will be used :

We collect your personal information so that we can use it to facilitate our services and communicate our activities such as:

  • processing your order
  • alerting you to specials and offers from time to time
  • providing you with confirmation of your order and advising you of any changes to your request
  • responding to comments or complaints you may have
  • to seek your opinions from time to time, to ensure we continue to offer valued services
  • copies of orders for our accounting and financial obligations 

If you subscribe to our regular newsletter, we may e-mail you with news and updates about our products and services. If you do not wish to remain a subscriber you can, at any time, request removal of your details from our records.

Where we have received your contact details via a third party, we will assume you consent to management of your personal information in the manner specified in this Privacy Policy. Should you receive information from us without direct request, you may alter those instructions at any time. 

Use of your information:

At no time, will Thrive Promotional Products and Corporate Gifts, release your personal information to a third party for marketing purposes including unrelated direct mail activities. Certain information will be released to a Financial Merchant to facilitate order processing.  

If you visit the Thrive Promotional Products and Corporate Gifts', additional information may be gathered of a general nature that could be used in a statistical presentation format. Information could include pages viewed, time spent on the website and the search engine that brought you to the site. All information of this kind is of a general and non-specific nature and will not personally identify you. 


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