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It is not always about 'look at me', look at my logo. There is a place for subtle and understated branding of promotional merch and corporate gifts using a decoration choice called 'tone on tone'.   

What is 'tone on tone'?   

Tone on tone decoration uses matched shades of a single colour to achieve a more subtle effect.  Source: Supplier Legend Life  

The demand is growing for eco friendly branded merchandise options, made entirely from or with elements of sustainable or recycled materials.

Our range is increasing too, including an increasing number of RPET options.   

Firstly, what is RPET?
This is a term used for material made from recycled PET bottles and food packaging. Original products are turned back into the manufacture of new products, creating a closed material cycle.

Traveller Carry On Suitcase 5

Our branded carry-on travel suitcase offers the entire outer case for custom printing, providing high visual impact and plenty of attention. 

Here are just a few thoughts: 

Sales & Marketing Teams heading to an event/conference/trade show.

Are you a sales representative ? Why not make a great first impression by using a custom bag to bring in your product examples when next visiting clients and heading to meetings.

custom printed sticker

While custom printed stickers are at the budget end of promotional product options, they offer long term value and punch well above their weight.  

A company (you'll know them) that has mastered the use of custom stickers is Apple. With every purchase of an Apple product, the purchaser receives the now famous Apple sticker.