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Oh how Sweet - Promotional Sweet Edibles

promotional confectionery from Thrive Promotional

 January 2021

We are spilling the beans on all things edible !

Promotional items you can eat such as confectionery, biscuits and chocolates, offer such diversity. Just about any business, charity or organisation can incorporate into marketing and sales activities.  

They enable creativity through flavours, colours and innovative packaging and custom design .. and they are always a crowd pleaser.  

Here are five ways to use promotional sweets and chocolates:

1)  Appreciation After Sales -  Say thank you and ensure your customers leave with a smile and a good experience and intension to refer your business. Perfect for individual gifts or a group thank you.  A cost effective offering such as a surprise bag of confectionery or other sweet treat at the completion of a job, adds the finishing touch to your interaction.    

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Don't miss the fine print - promotional magnifiers

Don't miss the fine print !   Can you relate ....  those tiny numbers at the bottom of a bill or document are often so difficult to read.   

There is a solution.  The custom printed Grow Credit Card Size Magnifier or the Ruler Magnifier ...  both great ideas to ensure those numbers are magnified !   

magnifier ruler LL678

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Customer Service and Communication should always be priorities

A testimonial from a very happy client ! 

 "The notebooks have arrived in Melbourne. I can't say much more than A BIG THANK YOU to you. A great, great job. The colours are beautiful ... I based my request for this notebook on a few samples we had collected at various conferences we had attended and I must say the print and colour quality of this one leaves others in the gutter. Thanks very much for your support. 

We will certainly be in touch with you for future business (hopefully with a bit more lead time) and will refer you as a great supplier to work with.

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Aussie Aussie Aussie .. oi oi oi, Australian Made Promotional Products

September 2020

It's been 20 years since the Sydney Olympics.   

Seems a great time to grab your joggers and run through a number of Australian made promotional products.

australianmade promotionalproducts

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