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"Everything has arrived!!!!! Thank you so much for your time and patience. I'm really happy with each item. I just wanted to tell you that the promo stuff I took to the conference and workshop was such a hit! The delegates loved the USB's. "


Travel Company


blog bag jute

A promotional item that 'bags the prize' as a great marketing tool  ... the Promotional Bag. 


Practical and useful, so recipients will appreciate ... especially at a time when there is more and more focus on recycling and reusing.  


A promotional bag also offers value for investment as it will 'carry' your brand for a looooooong time ... and there are so many bag varieties and they offer many applications for all sorts of businesses and organisations.  


Here are 5 ideas where you can use: 

Blog bag colouring


1)  'Souvenir' Merchandise -  if you have an 'it' brand .. brand it.  Destinations and tourist attractions, for example, can make great use from adding their creative to a bag. Who doesn't want to brag about where they have been. 


2)  Gift with Purchase (GWP) - use to draw out new customers and reward existing. Small foldable pocket bags for example, is a perfect GWP option. Everyone loves a treat.


3) Event or Trade Show gift - ideal for conferences, community activites and great for university open days. 


4) Fundraise - Add a quirky message or design and who couldn't resist a smart jute bag or cooler bag For a good cause.


5) Raise awareness - say it on a bag ... spread your environmental, health or other message. 


There is a suitable bag for all purposes .. they are just waiting for you to add your mark.  Thrive Promotional products & Corporate Gifts offes a wide range of jute, cotton/calico, beach and non-woven bags  .... - find lots of promotional bags here





Australia enjoys a very multi-cultural mix of people. In the big smoke cities of Sydney and Melbourne in particular, a large Chinese speaking community has become part of the population.  


Chinese New Year is still an important celebation and is now a major event on the Australian calendar, for the Chinese community and even for those of us from Irish, Polish, New Zealand and other heritage. It is possibly one of the largest celebrations of the Lunar New Year outside of China.


It is a time for family and friends to join together, to eat out, to enjoy some retail therapy .... out with the old and in with the new.  


On 16 February 2018, the Year of the Dog will bound and jump at us with glee, yelping with expectation of the lunar year ahead.  


This is the perfect opportunity for universities and other educational institutions to engage with their Asian students. Other industries can also feature this popular festival to create connections with this sizeable market ... the financial sector, auto, retail, charities and the like ... and of course, pet food, dog walkers, vets and other related ’doggie’ businesses. 



Get involved .... don't just think of the obvious ... think creatively ! Perhaps you can make the dog the star of your marketing.   Of all the Chinese New Year Lunar characters, the dog is surely the one that draws the most emotion and connection.  


In the spirit of giving, include promotional giveaways in your Chinese New Year activities, to carry your message further and longer.


Here are five promotional product ideas:


1:  Fortune Cookies -


2: Frequent Flyers -


3: Promotional Green Tea -


4:  Stickers -


5:  Gifts for the pooch  -



Would you like to chat and explore how to use promotional products  -  contact us




An important client is a valuable asset to any business; big or small.  Here's five tech gift ideas to show you love them and appreciate their business:

blog Lynx iSport Smart Band


1:  Media Hub Stand - ideal solution for the desktop .. or on the go. Features include - a stable stand for smartphone, and 4 USB ports. Find out more ..


2: Trace It Wallet Smart Tag - Bluetooth module with money and cards holder. Compatible with a free app for your smartphone or tablet (iOS and Android).  Five very cool features to check out here ..


3: Lynx iSport Band - with OLED screen, providing real-time monitoring of daily exercise and sporting trends.  Display the time and date, count steps, calculate calories burnt and monitor the quality of sleep .... what else can it do? Walk, run or jump and click this link to review ..


4: Palm Mini Bluetooth Speaker - Palm size with stylish craftmanship and a powerful sound.  Follow the sound to this little cutie -

blog mega vault power bank


5: Mega Vault Power Bank - 880mAh Grade A lithium Ion battery with a dual output. A great feature of this power bank is the LED digital power check display ....











notepad water bottle


Genius ..... makes perfect sense!  A water bottle shaped like a notepad.  


Traditional promotional water bottles are ideal if you have sports events and other general initiatives.


The notepad slim version though, is a step above for a corporate gift.  It is stylish and well designed.


Someone heading to a meeting can grab their journal (branded of course !) and a slim notepad water bottle and they are set. They are also a great design for travel, taking up less room.



- clear bottle with black lid

- BPA free

- 400ml capacity

notepad water bottle2

..... plenty of space for your logo .. yeh ! 


Case Study:

We assisted ACMI (Australian Centre for the Moving Image), digitally printing three different deisgns on the notepad water bottle. 


Results:   Happy Customers !

Thanks so much for all your assistance on this project. We bottles look great, they made it in time for our photoshoot and are sure to be popular!

I’m really pleased with the results & will keep Thrive in mind for our next project. Leaona

ACMIxRMIT Bridget Aliya Jarnah Waterbottle 1024x1024


You've done a terrific job Morgan - many thanks = sorry i rushed off to get a few samples and shot them today...hopefully we will have some great images for the RMIT collab, thanks for everything - you have wonderful to work with.     Mon 









Find out more -




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