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Get your brand sporty with custom made sports equipment


Put your logo or custom design onto the deck of a made to order skateboard and soon your brand willl be turning tight and ready to carve the local streets.  We will get you down the road on a standard skateboard, longboard or penny style.   

Prefer to be carving the waves? OK, we can offer hand made branded surfboards as well. 

Too much action? Need something more zen.  A yoga mat may better suit your business or project?  

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Cup to the brim .. overflowing with choice of promotional mugs

Clink, cheers, slurp .. the promotional mug is a popular marketing gift. They offer great marketing and sales support :

1) Reusable is fast becoming an appealing element of any product purchase decision

2) Practical - if not for coffee or tea,  a promotional mug can be used as a pen holder, so multi-functional as well !    

3) Variety of choice - the cup does runneth over with style, size and colour choices in the promotional drinkware range; there are options suitable for indoor business and home use and the more robust, to take into the great outdoors.

4) Great branding space

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Oh how Sweet - Promotional Sweet Edibles

promotional confectionery from Thrive Promotional

 January 2021

We are spilling the beans on all things edible !

Promotional items you can eat such as confectionery, biscuits and chocolates, offer such diversity. Just about any business, charity or organisation can incorporate into marketing and sales activities.  

They enable creativity through flavours, colours and innovative packaging and custom design .. and they are always a crowd pleaser.  

Here are five ways to use promotional sweets and chocolates:

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Don't miss the fine print - promotional magnifiers

Don't miss the fine print !   Can you relate ....  those tiny numbers at the bottom of a bill or document are often so difficult to read.   

There is a solution.  The custom printed Grow Credit Card Size Magnifier or the Ruler Magnifier ...  both great ideas to ensure those numbers are magnified !   

magnifier ruler LL678

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