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Hello .. Want to Hang Around ? .. Branded Air Fresheners

Want to hang with your customers?  A custom branded air freshener is a simple but effective promotional idea.

They are fun, practical, colourful and offer prominent space in a car or office for your brand.  The other benefit is the scensory impact from the choice of fragrance added during production. 

The application is wide and the range of companies suited to this idea. For example,

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Chocolate - the emotional treat for all the senses

There are many credible reports and research to suggest chocolate (especially the dark variety) can provide health benefits.  Bonus ! We are not here to talk about that though !  

A promotional or branded chocolate gift captures all four senses; taste, touch, sight and smell.  

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Promotional Products - educate

Promotional Products are 'essential workers' when it comes to the vital role they play in education.  

An interesting branded promotional give-away included in a campaign that is all about educating, will add value and interest. Importantly, branded give-aways help to generate long lasting attention and impact to ensure an important message is creatively received by recipients. 

Who uses promotional products to educate and what types of issues ?

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Promotional Products - History is in the bag

While button badges appear to be the first 'promotional product' (used when George Washington became the first President of the USA in 1789), it is a humble promotional burlap bag that is said to have started the promotional products industry sector as we know it today.

According to many reports, a printer called Jasper Meek from Ohio USA is credited with introducing a printed logo bag as a way of keeping his printing presses working in slower times.

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