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You may hear the terms 'indent', 'sourced', 'bespoke', 'custom' and 'made to order'.

These are all terms used to describe a project that a promotional product company will place directly with its factory partners. This type of order has some unique design element or the request involves a large quantity.

Generally, these projects are designed and custom made completely from start to finish, providing creative opportunity to produce a unique 'one of a kind' item.

An indent order can be an existing stock item however. If a large quantity is required, or a stock product is sourced and then enhanced with elements such as choice of fabric, colour and decorative features (e.g. bag tags and custom trim).

Examples include:

Examples include:


A range of custom apparel can be produced to a specific design, especially for sporting and event requirements.

Apparel -  Sports & Event Sublimated Custom Clothing


Bags, satchels, folders, lanyards etc. - ask Thrive Promotional Products


Custom tea -Custom tea pouches and sachets


Notebooks and business diaries with custom covers and insert pages - ask Thrive Promotional Products


Custom shaped usb's - customised flash drive designs


Plush toys - more information on this product - custom plush toys


Custom MDF Decorations -  custom MDF decorations


Custom made surfboards - custom made promotional surfboard

Custom made skateboard - custom made promotional skateboard

Custom made yoga mat - promotional yoga mat

Custom Made, Indent & Sourced Promotional Product Ordering

Custom Made, Indent & Sourced Promotional Product Ordering


A couple of the key factors to remember when considering ordering a custom made item:

Quantity - generally a minimum order applies.

Lead-time: A longer leadtime of approximately 10-16 weeks.

A quick summary of steps involved:

  • Make contact with Thrive Promotional Procuts and Corporate Gifts to discuss your ideas.
  • We will gather as much information as possible, to interpret your vision, explore all our sources to best match your objectives.
  • We will then prepare details and present a proposal
  • Once you provide the OK to proceed, we will guide you further regarding a pre-production sample or visual for approval before production gets started.
  • Once your project has started, we will monitor and keep you updated with its progress.

Do you have a custom made project in mind? Trying to find something a little different or would like to add more detailed branding to a product? contact us

Provide as much information about your project including size and design - add any images or branding that may be helpful.

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