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Reusable Eco Cups DBR_cc

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Called Karma, Eco or Carry Cups, these are reusable and recycleable takeaway style mugs, made from a PP material (poly propelene plastic - BPA free).


Colours:  Mix and Match cup, cap and band to match your branding.  

Cup (colour examples):  White, Yellow, Orange, Green, Red, Grey, Light Blue, Chocolate, Pink, Reflext Blue, Black, Purple, Tan


Cap & Lid (colour examples): White, Yellow, Green, Red, Chocolate, Light Blue, Orange, Purple, Grey, Black, Reflex Blue

Cap Optional:  Select soft lid or hard lid with silicon plug. 


Check out some design option ideas ... we can also give you other combinations to match your specific branding.


Size:   350ml

Decoration:  Pad Print or Screen Print

Minimum order:  50



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