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Promotional product ideas

Chocolate - the emotional treat for all the senses

There are many credible reports and research to suggest chocolate (especially the dark variety) can provide health benefits.  Bonus ! We are not here to talk about that though !  

A promotional or branded chocolate gift captures all four senses; taste, touch, sight and smell.  

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Australian Made Custom Printed Diaries 2022

Australian Made Diaries 2022

Yeh .. Australian made .... time to order 2022 business or club diaries.  

There is a lot to be said about the benefit of 'writing it down'. 

Putting pen to paper really provides focus and commitment and keeps you on track.  

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Get your brand sporty with custom made sports equipment

Put your logo or custom design onto the deck of a made to order skateboard and soon your brand willl be turning tight and ready to carve the local streets.  We will get you down the road on a standard skateboard, longboard or penny style.   

Prefer to be carving the waves? OK, we can offer hand made branded surfboards as well. 

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Don't miss the fine print - promotional magnifiers

Don't miss the fine print !   Can you relate ....  those tiny numbers at the bottom of a bill or document are often so difficult to read.   

There is a solution.  The custom printed Grow Credit Card Size Magnifier or the Ruler Magnifier ...  both great ideas to ensure those numbers are magnified !   

magnifier ruler LL678

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