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Marketing with promotional products

Virtual Event .. let me introduce you to promotional merchandise

Face to face meetings and conferences are likely to be off the agenda for the foreseeable future. Virtual is going to be the way to connect and inform.   

So why not maximise your virtual activities. Add some 'merch' to your digital events, so you can still deliver some fun and long lasting physical connection to your brand. 

In the USA, Microsoft's annual 'Build' conference for tech professionals and developers, was held virtually this year (19-20 May 2020). Early registrants received a Microsoft branded merchandise pack, delivered to their home or office.  The pack contained a welcome card, a bamboo lunch box, socks, sticker sheets, a lanyard and a badge.  Source:  Advertising Specialty Institute

The Microsoft concept can be easily adapted, scaled and tweaked for a wide range of industry sectors.  Use custom branded merchandise for an virtual festival, product launch, seminar, industry conference, workshop, trade show, agricultural tour or other event.

Here are 5 ways to utilise custom branded merchandise for a virtual event:

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Marketing with Promotional Products

Disruption and change can be hard and it is easy to put a stop to all marketing and sales activities until this is all over.  

It is essential to maintain and even increase efforts. Keep communicating and engaging with customers and prospects to build confidence and awareness. Continue to act and spend time planning for the better times. 

Promotional products have a great role to play.  They are tangible and have longevity and can help you to show empathy.  

Here are 6 ideas to make the most of custom branded promotional merchandise:

1: Staff Welfare - ensure you look after your staff. Keep everyone connected and feeling valued. Arrange company branded care packs. 

Two great hampers


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Stuck at Home .... 4 Promotional Products to keep your staff and customers amused

It is not an easy time .... so many Australians told to stay at home due to Covid-19 and away from the office and the city.

At this difficult time, companies must ensure they are connecting and engaging with staff and their customers. Here are 4 fun game and novelty ideas to keep communicating and keep them positive:


1:  Dominoes - An oldie but a goodie (we can engrave the lid):


2: Custom printed playing cards  - Whether it is Snap or ever heard of the card game called 21 .. or something more 'serious' like poker, here is a custom printed  pack of cards:


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Win a Surfboard ... a snowboard, skateboard ... a yoga mat - Think Custom Branded Sports Equipment


How appealing would it be to win a surfboard, skateboard, snowboard or a yoga mat.  

It would, if you love to carve a wave or find some air when skateboarding  ..... or yoga is your karma.

Custom made sporting goods such as a surfboard offers a fantastic way to build profile for your brand. And, what a great incentive for customers to engage with you.   

The perfect competition reward.

Great for inclusion as part of health and fitness focussed community festivals and events.

Ideal as specialty merchandise for sports retailers, travel companies, yoga studios and gyms. 

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