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Marketing with promotional products

Direct Marketing - It's in the 'Snail Mail' - 5 Promotional Product Ideas

 I know, snail mail !  But hey, why not be unique and include an 'old fashioned' but tried and tested Direct Mail strategy AND include a promotional product.

When most of us are blasted by digital messages, direct mail offers a physical touch/feel connection with your target (whether you are B2C or a B2B business).    

Perfect to say thank you to existing contacts, to re-engage with previous customers or to create incentive to seek further information on-line.

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Promotional Tea - 2018 Winner

 Drum roll please .. not as glittery as a Hollywood award ceremony, but here goes(don't grab your champage flutes, find your promotional mugs !)

 Winner of most ‘requests for quote’ and most regularly ordered promotional product category in 2018, goes to Promotional Tea.

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Keep your message healthy with these promotional product ideas

Governments and local councils, gyms, charities, medical, dental, pharmacies and even company initiatives aimed at staff ...  promotional products are perfect vehicles to carry health and safety awareness messages.

Here are 10 promotional product ideas that will complement and support your healthy messages and safety awareness  ... whether the key is to say 'stay calm', 'stay healthy' or 'be aware' .... promise, not a stress ball mentioned! 

1:  Branded plasters

Yep, I'm going to say it .... you can plaster your brand all over this promotional product idea.  For safety messages, this promotional item is a hit.  

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How do I promote my business?

It is decision all businesses big and small have to make. How best can I introduce my services to customers.  

Promotional products are certainly a long lasting and effective option .. either as a stand alone initiative (such as a gift with purchase program) or as part of a bigger event or marketing project (a conference for example).

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