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Marketing with promotional products

Home is where the fun is (for now) .. Branded gift ideas for the home

dig it garden tool box gift

Home is definitely going to be where the fun and games is at, for the next little while at least.  

Here are a few ideas for your corporate gifting, to ensure your clients and staff can enjoy your appreciation with a useful and thoughtful gift to lift their spirits. 

1:  Backyard Cricket Set- Howz that, a great family gift - link: Vintage .. click here

2:  Bring some zen to the situation, with a branded Yoga Mat - link: Namaste .. find out more

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Sublimation Print .. Find out more

What is this sublimation term .. what does it mean? 
blog sublimation print3

When I'm recommending a promotional product with sublimation print, I always ask customers to check out their local lycra wearing bike riders.  

The bike jerseys are usually very colourful and emblazoned with logos of their favourite brands.   

The bike apparel worn, usually by 'Mamils'* is created using sublimation print.

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Show Appreciation with Corporate and Staff Gifts

corporate gift by Thrive Promotional Products

Appreciation is so important. It shouldn't be an afterthought.  There should be a genuine and considered approach that is part of the thinking, planning and budget of all organisations; for customers and staff. 

Appreciation - the act of recognising or understanding that something is valuable, important or as described.

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Cup to the brim .. overflowing with choice of promotional mugs

Clink, cheers, slurp .. the promotional mug is a popular marketing gift. A custom branded mug offers great marketing and sales support :

1) Reusable is fast becoming an appealing element of any product purchase decision

2) Practical - if not for coffee or tea,  a promotional mug can be used as a pen holder, so multi-functional as well !    

3) Variety of choice - the cup does runneth over with style, size and colour choices in the promotional drinkware range; there are options suitable for indoor business and home use and the more robust, to take into the great outdoors.

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