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Marketing with promotional products

Promotional Products - History is in the bag

While button badges appear to be the first 'promotional product' (used when George Washington became the first President of the USA in 1789), it is a humble promotional burlap bag that is said to have started the promotional products industry sector as we know it today.

According to many reports, a printer called Jasper Meek from Ohio USA is credited with introducing a printed logo bag as a way of keeping his printing presses working in slower times.

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Showtime with Promotional Tea - a Customer Case Study

Forget the champers, my lovely client Clint from Homunculus Theatre Co has been using our promotional tea pouch with great success over the past 12 months.

Called High Tea with Booff, this interactive theatre performance or as Clint calls it, 'installation clown theatre', has been travelling Queensland in 2021, including to the Cairns Arts Festival and Noosa alive. 

It is very quirky, different and certainly unique. Head over to his website and check out the show reel. Event organisers take note, Clint also offers a range of services such as roving and street threatre - click High Tea With Booff

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The Promotional T-shirt ... what a great fit

A Promotional t-shirt, is often described as a 'walking billboard'.   Yes, that is very true.  The humble t-shirt is, however, so much more.

It is so versatile, tangible and long lasting.

The choices are also broad, enabling an opportunity to create a unique item just for your brand.  T-shirts are available in a wide range of styles, fabrics and colours ... and, they have plenty of space for creativity. 

For a business, charity, school or club, t-shirts are perfect to help build awareness and recognition and even revenue.  A few examples:

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Home is where the fun is (for now) .. Branded gift ideas for the home

dig it garden tool box gift

Home is definitely going to be where the fun and games is at, for the next little while at least.  

Here are a few ideas for your corporate gifting, to ensure your clients and staff can enjoy your appreciation with a useful and thoughtful gift to lift their spirits. 

1:  Backyard Cricket Set- Howz that, a great family gift - link: Vintage .. click here

2:  Bring some zen to the situation, with a branded Yoga Mat - link: Namaste .. find out more

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