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Promotional product facts and figures

Promotional Products - educate

Promotional Products are 'essential workers' when it comes to the vital role they play in education.  

An interesting branded promotional give-away included in a campaign that is all about educating, will add value and interest. Importantly, branded give-aways help to generate long lasting attention and impact to ensure an important message is creatively received by recipients. 

Who uses promotional products to educate and what types of issues ?

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Another happy Thrive Promotional Products customer

One of the joys of being in small business is offering personal service .. resulting in a happy customer (and it is rather nice to receive a testimonial like below !)

Radford Foundation approached Morgan and her team with the merchandise project consisting of several items and we could not have chosen a better supplier.

During the whole process, Morgan provided us with several design variations, updates regarding the produce and delivery, and professional opinions and advice.

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That's what We Like to Hear .. a happy customer is a happy Thrive Promotional Products

It is a lovely outcome and I have to say, receiving a testimonial from a happy customer is very nice.  Thrive Promotional Products just loves providing good old fashioned customer service and help. 

From a recent customer (June 2021) 

Thrive Promotional Products were fantastic to deal with. They were quick to respond with quotes and produced and sent our products incredibly quickly. The products are of a high quality and actually better than the image on the website. I would highly recommend them.

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So what is a Promotional Product?

A promotional product is a product branded with a logo, image or slogan representing a company or brand.

 Promotional products differ from merchandise (film or music merchandise for example) in that the business that has commissioned the promotional product (the end user) does not profit from its direct sale. 

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