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Bag Your Promotional Bag and You'll Bag a Great Marketing Tool

 A promotional item that 'bags the prize' as a great marketing tool  ... the Promotional Bag. 

 Practical and useful, so recipients will appreciate ... especially at a time when there is more and more focus on recycling and reusing.  

 A promotional bag also offers value for investment as it will 'carry' your brand for a looooooong time ... and there are so many bag varieties and they offer many applications for all sorts of businesses and organisations.  

 Here are 5 ideas where you can use: 

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 1)  'Souvenir' Merchandise -  if you have an 'it' brand .. brand it.  Destinations and tourist attractions, for example, can make great use from adding their creative to a bag. Who doesn't want to brag about where they have been. 

 2)  Gift with Purchase (GWP) - use to draw out new customers and reward existing. Small foldable pocket bags for example, is a perfect GWP option. Everyone loves a treat.

 3) Event or Trade Show gift - ideal for conferences, community activites and great for university open days. 

 4) Fundraise - Add a quirky message or design and who couldn't resist a smart jute bag or cooler bag For a good cause.

 5) Raise awareness - say it on a bag ... spread your environmental, health or other message. 

 There is a suitable eco bags for all purposes .. they are just waiting for your brand and creativity.  Thrive Promotional Products & Corporate Gifts offers a wide range of jute, cotton/calico, beach and non-woven bags  .... - find lots of promotional bags here

 Got a question?  Need to order now? Need more inspiration? -  contact us.

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