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Hey ... don't do your lolly with me .. unless it's a Promotional Lolly

Only a person with very strong will power, can walk past a promotional lolly !   

Promotional Confectionery is a really versatile marketing tool, ideal for:

- Trade show 'draw card'

- Conference bag inclusion

- Product or store launches

- Sales call 'leave behind' 

- Competitions

- Fundraising

- Surprise 'thank you' inclusion with purchased goods

- Special date promotional give-away treats e.g. Easter, Mother's Day etc.

- Appreciation gifts post finish of a project (especially if thanking a team)

- After service treat e.g. car repairs, plumbing, electrican trades.

- Convey important education and public health messages 

The promotional confectionery choices are almost endless (jelly beans, lollipops mints etc).  Packaging too, can be matched to the purpose, including tins and jars.


Find our more about our promotional confectionery, you'll find these links  helpful: 

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Mints -

Branded Confectionery Rolls

Lollies - Bags and Pillow Packs

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