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New Year Starts .. New Resolutions : 5 Promotional Product Ideas that Save Money

The start of the year is always the time when promises are made.

A resolution to cut down on chocolate, a promise to be kinder, a commitment to save more money etc  etc !  

We can't help with the kinder you or the chocolate (we do offer promotional chocolate after all !) ... BUT, here are 5 ideas to help your staff or clients save a few dollars: 


1:  Take your lunch to work in a branded lunch bag, cooler or box. 

Buying lunch everyday really adds up.  A few extra minutes in the morning to make your lunch, saves lots of $$.  This option is a perfect staff welcome or appreciation gift, event gift or as an educational tool.    

Found under 'Home, Outdoor & Leisure' and sub-heading 'Homewares'. ,



2:  Cut the daily coffee purchase and try a printed water bottle or a promotional vacuum flask

There is a water bottle for just about every occasion, including the handy notepad bottle options, that slide into a bag or brief case and take up very little room.  

No need to cut out coffee, just take it from home. Save money by cutting out all the take-away coffees.  Order custom vacuum Flasks for everyone.

Found under our category 'Drinkware' and sub-category 'Water Bottles' and 'Vacuum Flask'.




3:  Grow your own veggies or herbs with a Dig It Garden Tool Box

Don't purchase herbs from the supermarket anymore. What an achievement when herbs directly from a home grown garden box can be added to the spag bol !  Another great educational gift, eco project or corporate gift.  



4: Custom printed Library Bag 

The local library will save lots of dollars. Encourage reading, community encouragement, library initiatives. 



5:  Don't do restaurant for lunch, do Picnic Bag 

Grab a cold chook or make a pile of sandwiches .. add a salad and find some green space. Take a branded picnic basket for an outing and cut out the  restaurant meals. Save money projects and perfect for healthy message and community  events .. a great conference activity and gift.



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