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Say Thank You .. Promotional Chocolate and Confectionery Care Pack

Chocolates, biscuits and sweet treats may not be the panacea for the current turmoil but in these uncertain times, ensure you take a moment to say thank you, hang in there, we'll all get through this, enjoy a break and this treat.

A promotional box of chocolates or branded confectionery yumminess (technical term 'not' .. but appropriate), will lift the spirits of your staff and key customers and show you care.

Here are five options that will be devoured and appreciated:

1)  Noodle Chocolate and Confectionery Box - click to check out noodle gift box 

2)  Mini Cookies in Large Jarjar of biscuits (sorry, cookie) treats

3) Chocolate Bar with Personalised Wrapperchocolate gift (say no more!) - click to find more details

4) Bizcard Confectionery Box - supply your business cards or special insert and select the confectionery treat

5) Lindt Hot Chocolate and Marshmallows -Drink up this delicious chocolate thank you


Keen to chat further about promotional chocolates, branded confectionery or a special care pack for staff and customers. Need help or inspiration? -  contact us.

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July 2020