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Branding - Less is more with promotional product decoration

Have you ever driven past a sign for a garage sale and noted how much information is included on the posters.  Often too much!  The important information to know is 'where' and 'when'.    

The old adage 'less is more' is usually the way to go.  

This is is also vital when considering how to decorate your promotional products and branded merchandise.

So here are a few tips:

  • Once you've identified the promotional item that fits your plans, take a look at the available decoration area.  This is when it is handy to have a range of logo layouts.
  • Check the recommended decoration options e.g. engraving, digital direct print, screen print, pad print, etc.  Consider what is going to offer the best long term representation of your brand.  Speak to your promotional product supplier.
  • Consider how recipients and extended audience will read your branding i.e. will they linger over a branded notebook .. or only have a quick opportunity to grab your identity e.g. umbrella.

As a rule of thumb, particularly when decoration space is limited, include only the key information such as the website address and telephone number. Leave out taglines and physical addresses and other non essential information that will clutter and distract from the key details.

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