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Five Promotional Products that are on the nose ... in a nice way !

Smell is a sense that will really capture the attention of your audience .. smell is also associated with memory. Here are five promotional product options to get your nose twitching and recipients remembering your brand :


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1:  Custom Printed Gourmet Coffee Sachet

the aroma of cinnamon crumb cake, italian expresso or one of the other blends of coffee available

2: Car Air Freshener

freshen up your drive to work with citrus, apple or one of the other air freshener options

3:  Scented Votive Candle

Just peace and quiet with the scent of lavender.

4: Aromatic Facial Spray

Your decision, relaxing, invigorating or refreshing peppermint.

5: Popped Buttered Popcorn 

the wonderful smell of butter and popcorn

Keen to explore what smells - Got a question?  Need to order now ... contact us.

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