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Keep your message healthy with these promotional product ideas

Governments and local councils, gyms, charities, medical, dental, pharmacies and even company initiatives aimed at staff ...  promotional products are perfect vehicles to carry health and safety awareness messages.

Here are 10 promotional product ideas that will complement and support your healthy messages and safety awareness  ... whether the key is to say 'stay calm', 'stay healthy' or 'be aware' .... promise, not a stress ball mentioned! 

1:  Branded plasters

Yep, I'm going to say it .... you can plaster your brand all over this promotional product idea.  For safety messages, this promotional item is a hit.  


healthy blog mint card 

2:  Printed Ribbons 

Raise awareness regarding issues such as mental health, environmental and societal problems like domestic violence. 


3: Promotional Tea Bags 

Almost anything can be solved with a cuppa in hand. Great for messages asking recipients to 'sit down, take a moment and read this important health related news'.  Our promotional tea options include calming chamomile.


4: Hand sanitisers

Don't wash you hands of this idea before I let you know how and who can use branded hand sanitiser. 

Useful and small enough to keep handy in the car or bathroom, this has ideal for general public health campaigns and food industry awareness initiatives. 


5: Custom Branded Sunscreen:

Those of us 'old enough' will remember the slip, slop and slap message for sun protection.  You can never say it enough .... sun protection is vital. It is the incremental exposure over a life that can impact at any time.  

Custom branded sunscreens are perfect for conference organisers to include, especially  locations such as  wonderful tropical locations.  The small sizes are perfect too, for charities, councils and even the local pharmacy, for reminding recipients about sun protection.


 6: Promotional Mints (Sugar Free)

A sugar free treat way to encourage recipients to arrange a dental check up, take up a gym class or for public health campaigns such as quit smoking.


7. Lunch Box

Healthy eating initiatives require a smart lunch box .... kids programs, staff gifts and

healthy food product launch.   LL6185 zest lunch box 3


8: Promotional Tissues

No sniffles with this promotional option. Very handy .... an easy hand out to promote good habits.


9:  Branded Hats

What better way to keep protected from the sun than a promotional straw fedora hat ! 


10:   Healthy Promotional Savoury Treats

Who doesn't love a chocolate, but sometimes a healthy giveaway is the order of the day.  Bags of mixed dried fruit, nuts or even wasabi peas ... is a different option to hand out at a trade show or to accompany a health related launch.


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