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Direct Marketing - It's in the 'Snail Mail' - 5 Promotional Product Ideas

I know, snail mail !  But hey, why not be unique and include an 'old fashioned' but tried and tested Direct Mail strategy AND include a promotional product.

When most of us are blasted by digital messages, direct mail offers a physical touch/feel connection with your target (whether you are B2C or a B2B business).    

Perfect to say thank you to existing contacts, to re-engage with previous customers or to create incentive to seek further information on-line.

 Add a promotional product to extend the message and your brand and showcase your creativity.  Here are 5  promotional items, ideal for direct mail inclusion :

 1:  Mico fibre lens cloth -

 2: Mini Swivel Pad -

 3: Promotional Tea Bag -

 4: Bookmark Magnifier -

 5:  Seeds -

Want to start a conversation about a direct mail project and looking for something a little different? 

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