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When Bulk is Better - Use Promotional Products in Direct Mail

Over the past 5 years or so, the focus has been all about digital communication; email, facebook, twitter, banner advertising, pinterest ... and blogging.  The amount of communication that comes through electronically is overwhelming. 

Maybe now is the time to consider going back to basics.

A good old fashioned (but well executed) direct mail campaign could well prove the 'something different and even novel' for you to break through the clutter. 

Getting your message into the hands of your ideal target is the first step to building a connection. The challenge for direct mail, is getting the letter opened and read.   Adding a promotional product is the secret weapon (statistics reveal higher open and response rates, using bulky mail).

A branded gift item, selected to align with your strategy, creates a chunky mailing piece that increases the curiosity factor to find out more about the contents.  Promotional products also have the great advantage of being tangible, long lasting and memorable. So your communication will be opened, message read and the promotional item kept.   

They are also so versatile; perfect for both service or product based businesses.  

Build brand awareness (e.g. a branded teabag is a friendly way to invite the recipient to take some time out to read the offer) or make them play a staring role to generate a specific 'call to action' (e.g. bring the keyring found in the mailing, to test drive our new range and see if you are a winner of lots of extra accessories).


So, to recap .. the way to bulky direct mail success :

1)  Target Target Target - consider the niche carefully and only mail to those that meet your criteria .. don't mass mail

2)  Tailor the message to answer the needs of your audience 

3)  Design your bulky communication (envelope, letter and the promotional product to align with your message and maximise response) 

4)  Test mail and adjust if needed

5)  Send full direct mail campaign and evaluate

Let me know your thoughts.