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Marketing with Promotional Products

Disruption and change can be hard and it is easy to put a stop to all marketing and sales activities until this is all over.  

It is essential to maintain and even increase efforts. Keep communicating and engaging with customers and prospects to build confidence and awareness. Continue to act and spend time planning for the better times. 

Promotional products have a great role to play.  They are tangible and have longevity and can help you to show empathy.  

Here are 6 ideas to make the most of custom branded promotional merchandise:

1: Staff Welfare - ensure you look after your staff. Keep everyone connected and feeling valued. Arrange company branded care packs. 

Two great hampers


2: Customer Appreciation - a little unexpected treat after a service or delivery is a nice touch to say thank you, we appreciate your business during this difficult time.

A sweet treat to say thanks:


3. Direct Mail - with so much digital marketing, direct mail to your customers can be a winner and offers plenty of attention. There are lots of light weight mailable promotional items that are useful and educational and long lasting. Include the important 'call to action' to encourage response.

Get started with these ideas:

Eco Seeds:

Stuk notes:


4. Custom Made / Made to Order - a custom made item that is totally unique to you, can set your brand apart. Whether it is a made to order plush toy or a high end corporate gift, these types or projects take more time to design and produce.  Start planning now.

Plan ahead for a custom plush:


5: Competitions - create some buzz with a competition and, of course, use a custom branded prize as the motivation.  Offer branded merchandise that will appeal to your audience e.g. custom sports gear, branded tech items.

A few ideas - Links:

Custom Surfboard:

Custom Skateboard

Custom Yoga Mat:


6. Retail Branded "Merch" - loyal customers and fans are always keen to support their favourite restaurant, bar, event. Custom merchandise available for purchase, offers long lasting engagement and additional revenue in good times and essential revenue when times are tough. 

A couple of ideas to get you started:  

Branded hats and apparel

Branded bags:


Keen to share some creative juices and discuss promotional products / marketing merchandise for your business. Need inspiration? -  contact us.

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April 2020