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Virtual Event .. let me introduce you to promotional merchandise

Face to face meetings and conferences are likely to be off the agenda for the foreseeable future. Virtual is going to be the way to connect and inform.   

So why not maximise your virtual activities. Add some 'merch' to your digital events, so you can still deliver some fun and long lasting physical connection to your brand. 

In the USA, Microsoft's annual 'Build' conference for tech professionals and developers, was held virtually this year (19-20 May 2020). Early registrants received a Microsoft branded merchandise pack, delivered to their home or office.  The pack contained a welcome card, a bamboo lunch box, socks, sticker sheets, a lanyard and a badge.  Source:  Advertising Specialty Institute

The Microsoft concept can be easily adapted, scaled and tweaked for a wide range of industry sectors.  Use custom branded merchandise for an virtual festival, product launch, seminar, industry conference, workshop, trade show, agricultural tour or other event.

Here are 5 ways to utilise custom branded merchandise for a virtual event:

1: Theme your Virtual Event Merchandise

Time to get creative. Just as most 'conventional' events have a theme or vision, so too can a virtual meet up.  Involve participants in the early planning stages by asking them to participate in designing the event merchandise (the winning design can feature on the official virtual event merchandise)

2:  Registration Incentive

Once you have your theme, include merchandise as part of an incentive for registration. Deliver branded merchandise, such as the Microsoft example, to participants who purchase early to participate.  

3:  Sponsored 'hosted' virtual break

Just about every industry or corporate event has a sponsored coffee break. Contact partners to offer sponsorship opportunities e.g. to host a virtual coffee or healthy break.  Merchandise with sponsor branding can be sent to delegates ahead of the virtual event date. 

4:  Festival or Tour Merchandise

Take your festival or tour to your fans.  Virtual beer festivals have been taken online successfully i.e. participants sign up for a beer tasting and receive samples to try while viewing a virtual event. There are many other special interest festivals, agricultural tours and industry events that can work virtually.  Include merchandise in a festival or tour pack, as part of a physical delivery to participants, to enhance virtual experience.

5.  Education / Follow up

Reinforce your virtual event or education seminar via follow up mailed communication. Use branded merchandise such as mousemats, to reward or remind participants.  Use merchandise too, as part of a competition, to engage participants with the information you have shared and the sponsor partner products. 


Virtual events are here to stay. Event merchandise offers the 'touch and feel' tangible element.  Imagine too, the feel good factor, great PR opportunities and connection to brand. Plus, this can in many cases, increase revenue through merchandise sales or be self funding if co-partners and sponsors are involved. 


We can help with all your virtual event promotional products (mugs, caps, tshirts, aprons, promotional tea, exercise items, packaging). We can also help with the logstics of assembly and delivery - contact us.

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May 2020