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5 Ways to Use Promotional Aprons

Bog Promotional Apron

5 Ways to Use a Promotional Apron:


  1.  Use a promotional apron as a staff uniform and practical promotional apparel for restaurant/cafe staff, florist, hairdresser .. in fact, for any customer service staff
  2. Get your teammates together, give them all a branded apron and have some fun at a corporate cooking class.
  3. Events, launches and trade fairs can utilise aprons very effectively. Just add a catchy tagline like "We can offer the recipe for success".  Or, use an apron to promote an event or product launch e.g. food festival, the launch of a food product or cookbook.
  4. Aprons make ideal promotional tools to raise funds for schools and charities and other fundraising causes. 
  5. Offer an apron alone or as part of a Gift With Purchase e.g. with purchase of kitchen appliances.

Get your branded aprons on and start cooking up some success - find out more about here - promotional aprons