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The Promotional T-shirt ... what a great fit

A Promotional t-shirt, is often described as a 'walking billboard'.   Yes, that is very true.  The humble t-shirt is, however, so much more.

It is so versatile, tangible and long lasting.

The choices are also broad, enabling an opportunity to create a unique item just for your brand.  T-shirts are available in a wide range of styles, fabrics and colours ... and, they have plenty of space for creativity. 

For a business, charity, school or club, t-shirts are perfect to help build awareness and recognition and even revenue.  A few examples:

Promotional give-away or competition prize

> event or festival 'free' registration inclusion

> trade show stand give-away 

> social media engagement

> conference sponsor pack

Staff & Volunteers

> unite a team and create a unified image with a uniform

> induction pack inclusion for new staff or members

> reward or to show appreciation 

> team participation event (e.g. cooking school, fun run)

  • Educate

> t-shirts are great at highlighting health and social issues. It is a tool that galvanises wearers

  • Branded retail merchandise item (often overlooked) 

> raise additional funds / create additional revenue from merchandise sales with branded t-shirts

> offer your fan base extra reason to support your brand

> fundraise for vital funds for school and charity projects


 ... For many branded t-shirt owners, their 'can't throw out favourite branded t-shirt' ... or collection, can bring joy and evoke memories, long after recieving (e.g. a t-shirt from a music festival or a t-shirt they can wear and brag about from a holiday to a fabulous destination).  

A freebie t-shirt is also, always a winner. A loyal fan is always keen to purchase a memento from a favourite brand (e.g. band, bar, sports team, restaurant, cause or charity).


Here's a few tips when planning:

1) Consider why you are considering a printed t-shirt (the who, what, when, and where on the check list also helps to ensure the end result maximises your strategy and reflects your ethos)

2) Once you have the above intent fine tuned, consider the creative design you have in mind and ensure it fits with your plans 

i.e.  if you are using as a give-away, you'll want to make to most impact for that level of budget
i.e. if you want to develop a retail merchandise item for sale, the result has to impress someone enough to purchase. 

3) The design including the layout, positioning, print colours, fonts and complexity, all impact a budget and the final visual 'look'. Take the time to get the creative right.

4) The above decisions will influence the quality, style and material of the t-shirt you select.

5) The decoration method too, will come into play.  Bring in your designer and a promotional apparel early, to work through all the considerations (a company such as Thrive Promotional Products can guide you through a range of options to match your project)


Get your creative juices flowing and consider the custom promotional t-shirt as a hard working inclusion in your marketing and promotional efforts. 


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