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Promotional Products and Gift With Purchase

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How to Use Promotional Products to Create a Gift with Purchase campaign

Female readers will probably be familiar with the 'gift with purchase' concept. It is often used in cosmetics and perfume retailing, usually based on a specified purchase value or purchasing of a particular product.

The 'gift with purchase' strategy is an effective way of increasing sales and profile for your brand or a particular product or service.

The concept is a simple one ... purchase this product and receive a gift. It can be used for special events (e.g. father's day, mother's day, easter) or for a range of industry specific initiatives - example:

  • retailers - traditional users such as cosmetics and products such as computers
  • travel/tourism - bus companies, travel agents, tour companies, hotels
  • cafes and restaurants
  • entertainment venues - movie theatres
  • retail - jewellery, clothing, cosmetics etc
  • manufacturer (e.g. kitchen company could offer complementary storage cannisters)
  • real estate
  • car sales
  • B2B (e.g. trade suppliers 'incentive' to purchase with offer of gift)

There are key rules though, to using this strategy:


Who is your target ? Understand your market and their motivators.


Have a purpose. Know what you want to achieve and allocate appropriate budget for your promotional 'gift with purchase' gift choice.  A gift with purchase campaign should be self funding .. the additional sales generated, should also cover the cost of the gift giveaway. 

Review a range of promotional gift options. Take into consideration your recipients and align or theme with your own business. Also consider what you are asking of your customers .... Importantly, the gift with purchase, should have a perceived value*.

* seek the help of a promotional product and gift company as they can recommend a range of products, secure the quantity you need and handle branding.


Consider the logistics. Is this a local or national campaign? How will you deliver or distribute.


Plan early, especially if quantities of gifts are large. Ordering well in advance, will ensure stock, time to align colours with your own branding, decoration ... and save money.

Set the time-frame in line with your primary objective of your 'gift with purchase' campaign (e.g. are you trying to increase sales in a slow period, increase sales of a particular item or range or launching a new product). Add a start and end date to control the campaign to increase take up.

Promote, promote, promote - use flyers, website and twitter, newsletters. Ensure you alert current clients and seek PR.