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The Art of Artwork - Branding Identity

Every business big or small should have a document called a 'Corporate Branding Identity Guideline'.   It is a document that details important information about how a brand should be visually presented.

Artwork is a common discussion I have, when preparing promotional product projects.  Often artwork is not available in different formats, including required vector format, pantone colours used in a logo are a mystery and rules regarding use of a logo in a particular layout is unclear.

Branding standards provide protection, consistency and conveys direction for internal and external users of your logo and other branding elements.  A formal record will also avoid artwork redraws and confusion about colours, font styles and positioning.

A few tips about preparing a Corporate Branding Identity Guideline ... at the very minimum include:

1)  All artwork should be available in electronic 'ready to use' format as well as printed logo sheets for comparsion.

  • Versions of all logos in different formats for use on websites, print and promotional product projects e.g. jpeg, tiff, giff and vector artwork
  • Logos and other artwork should also be available in black and white, one colour or multiple colour versions ... and different versions of the logo e.g. with and without taglines. 

2)  Supporting information should include:

  • fonts/type faces contained in the logo
  • colours within the logo (i.e. pantone, CMYK, RGB and complementary web colours)
  • style guideline instructions (i.e. layout rules)

Protect your branding identity.