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Come in, the Blogging Is Fine - My Very First Post


March 2013

It looks safe enough.  Here goes .. give the fingers a quick stretch, shake the hands .. sit up straight and take a deep breath.  Ready for the first post (oops, blog).  OK, where to start.


How about some background about Thrive Promotional Products & Corporate Gifts, a little personal stuff about me (nothing too D&M promise !) ... then, importantly, the topics I'll blog about.


Here we go ...


Welcome to Thrive Promotional Products & Corporate Gifts, a Sydney based business, offering help to lots of different businesses Australia wide.   Yes, I brand all sorts of items with logos, but it is more about bringing brands to life .. giving them some tangible and memorable zing ! 


Thrive Promotional started with chopsticks and fortune cookies ... kinda !   

For many years, I had the great pleasure of working in the Sydney office of Hong Kong's National Tourist Office, specifically in the MICE division (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, Exhibitions). It was a wonderful, fun and creative place to work and a great place to learn.


Over the years we staged and supported many innovative events and activities.  This is where the chopsticks and fortune cookies come in.  My skills were honed on these 'tools of the trade' and the experience set me up well for my future.     


For the past 12 years, I have been running my own promotional products and corporate gifts business. I credit my longevity in such a competitive environment because it's in my DNA to care about achieving results that make customers smile.  I also put up my hand to being resourceful and I know from regular feedback, that my fast response is appreciated.  


Whille the phrase 'my work is my life' does ring true in small business, I do also enjoy travel, Kundalini yoga, big AFL fan (Swannies member) and keeping fit (not keen on running, but quite like walking and boxing). 


I'd like to start blogging on a range of topics .. naturally, many will have a link to promotional products, but I also envisage guest bloggers expanding some of the topics.   Just a few - 


  • Branding and creating recognition using promotional products. 
  • What are promotional products, the benefits and the stats.
  • How to use promotional products (indiividual blog topics such as gift with purchase, branded apparel) 
  • Promotional Products - What's New / Reviews
  • Casestudies 
  • The Importance of saying Thank You
  • Workplace - employee motivation and happiness
  • Event, Incentive and Conference Planning - using Promotional Products as themed 'teasers' 



Until the next blog post ..  it will be shorter :) 


Kind regards