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"Everything has arrived!!!!! Thank you so much for your time and patience. I'm really happy with each item. I just wanted to tell you that the promo stuff I took to the conference and workshop was such a hit! The delegates loved the USB's. "


Travel Company



The first day of a new job can be exciting but scary too!    First impressions really count and make a difference. 


A new employee is seeking validation. Gulp, have they made the right decision and will they like their colleagues.  A warm welcome, a structured orientation and a New Employee Welcome Kit will ease nerves and immediately convey a professional image.  


It's a win for the employer too. After all, lots of time and money is spent on recruiting. It makes sense to settle a new employee into their role and get them involved as quickly as possible.   


Here are a few of our recommendations for a New Employee Welcome Kit  :

  • welcome letter from an appropriate management head
  • fact sheets (FAQ, key contacts, admin papers to complete)
  • the 'first week' schedule (times to meet team members, training etc)


  • Include some fun branded promotional items to reinforce company vision and help employees feel like they belong. These should complement the role ... some initial ideas :
  • - stationery items (logo pens/post-it notes/notebook)
  • - branded mug with some teabags or branded biscuit
  • - lunch bag with water bottle, each with the company logo
  • - ... perhaps a sweet treat (sugar free mints)

The welcome kit can be packaged into a smart box or bag to add impact.

Start on the right foot and continue to inspire, encourage and reward (topics for another blog) ... you'll have an employee who feels valuable.



Got a question?  Need to order now? Need more inspiration? -  contact us.


Thrive Promotional Products and Corporate Gifts is an Australian based company, supporting businesses from the big smoke cities of Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth ... to the regional towns, across the land.



Whether a large company, small business, association, academic institution or not-for-profit, branded items can support your efforts to increase awareness and recall.   Here are 20 Ways to use :


1.  Wear It With Pride - Branded Apparel is so visible and versatile for staff or team uniforms, golf and sports days, event merchandise and event retail merchandise. 


2.  This Is For You - Gift with Purchase, an effective strategy to increase sales and profile for a brand or particular product.  Creates incentive for buyers to purchase immediately and encourages brand loyalty.


3.  Make Headlines - Media or Launch Kit. Add pizzazz to a media or product launch kit by using a branded presentation box, printed ribbon and a themed gift to make a memorable impact. 


4.  It's In The Mail - A promotional item that bulks out a direct mail piece, creates curiosity and ensures mail is opened. Select a useful promotional item that links to the project and appeals to recipients.


5.  Fundraising - Charities use promotional products very successfully to raise funds and increase awareness. They are ideal for all sorts of fundraising, including schools ad sports teams.  


6.  Say Thanks - Recognise and reward employee achievements and milestones and show appreciation to valuable clients and supporters with a corporate gift  ... say thanks.


March 2013

It looks safe enough.  Here goes .. give the fingers a quick stretch, shake the hands .. sit up straight and take a deep breath.  Ready for the first post (oops, blog).  OK, where to start.


How about some background about Thrive Promotional Products & Corporate Gifts, a little personal stuff about me (nothing too D&M promise !) ... then, importantly, the topics I'll blog about.


Here we go ...


Welcome to Thrive Promotional Products & Corporate Gifts, a Sydney based business, offering help to lots of different businesses Australia wide.   Yes, I brand all sorts of items with logos, but it is more about bringing brands to life .. giving them some tangible and memorable zing ! 


Thrive Promotional started with chopsticks and fortune cookies ... kinda !   



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