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"Everything has arrived!!!!! Thank you so much for your time and patience. I'm really happy with each item. I just wanted to tell you that the promo stuff I took to the conference and workshop was such a hit! The delegates loved the USB's. "


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CNY year of pig custom editions Moleskine 

Does this idea squeal yes, as an gift appreciation option for Chinese New Year? More information -  contact us.



Thrive Promotional Products and Corporate Gifts is an Australian based company, supporting businesses from the big smoke cities of Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth ... to the regional towns, across the land.




fedora hat thrivepromotionalproject

Governments and local councils, gyms, charities, medical, dental, pharmacies and even company initiatives aimed at staff ...  promotional products are perfect vehicles to carry health and safety awareness messages.



Here are 10 promotional product ideas that will complement and support your healthy messages and safety awareness  ... whether the key is to say 'stay calm', 'stay healthy' or 'be aware' .... promise, not a stress ball mentioned! 


1:  Branded plasters

Yep, I'm going to say it .... you can plaster your brand all over this promotional product idea.  For safety messages, this promotional item is a hit.  



healthy blog mint card 

2:  Printed Ribbons 

Raise awareness regarding issues such as mental health, environmental and societal problems like domestic violence. 



3: Promotional Tea Bags 

Almost anything can be solved with a cuppa in hand. Great for messages asking recipients to 'sit down, take a moment and read this important health related news'.  Our promotional tea options include calming chamomile.



4: Hand sanitisers

Don't wash you hands of this idea before I let you know how and who can use branded hand sanitiser. 

Useful and small enough to keep handy in the car or bathroom, this has ideal for general public health campaigns and food industry awareness initiatives. 



5: Custom Branded Sunscreen:

Those of us 'old enough' will remember the slip, slop and slap message for sun protection.  You can never say it enough .... sun protection is vital. It is the incremental exposure over a life that can impact at any time.  

Custom branded sunscreens are perfect for conference organisers to include, especially  locations such as  wonderful tropical locations.  The small sizes are perfect too, for charities, councils and even the local pharmacy, for reminding recipients about sun protection.



 6: Promotional Mints (Sugar Free)

A sugar free treat way to encourage recipients to arrange a dental check up, take up a gym class or for public health campaigns such as quit smoking.



7. Lunch Box

Healthy eating initiatives require a smart lunch box .... kids programs, staff gifts and

healthy food product launch.   LL6185 zest lunch box 3



8: Promotional Tissues

No sniffles with this promotional option. Very handy .... an easy hand out to promote good habits.



9:  Branded Hats

What better way to keep protected from the sun than a promotional straw fedora hat ! 




10:   Healthy Promotional Savoury Treats

Who doesn't love a chocolate, but sometimes a healthy giveaway is the order of the day.  Bags of mixed dried fruit, nuts or even wasabi peas ... is a different option to hand out at a trade show or to accompany a health related launch.





Got a question?  Need to order now? Need more inspiration? -  contact us.



Thrive Promotional Products and Corporate Gifts is an Australian based company, supporting businesses from the big smoke cities of Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth ... to the regional towns, across the land.



It is decision all businesses big and small have to make. How best can I introduce my services to customers.  


Promotional products are certainly a long lasting and effective option .. either as a stand alone initiative (such as a gift with purchase program) or as part of a bigger event or marketing project (a conference for example).


thrivepromotional ad



 Thrive Promotional Products and Corporate Gifts is an Australian based company, supporting businesses from the big smoke cities of Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth ... to the regional towns, across the land. 


We thought it was about time to bring back our 2013 blog post to highlight again, how promotional merchandise can star or play a supportiing role, across a range of initiatives. 


Whether a large company, small business, association, academic institution or not-for-profit, branded items can support your efforts to increase awareness and recall.   Here are 20 Ways to use :


  1.  Wear It With PrideBranded Apparel is so visible and versatile for staff or team uniforms, golf and sports days, event merchandise and event retail merchandise. 
  1.  This Is For You - Gift with Purchase,an effective strategy to increase sales and profile for a brand or particular product.  Creates incentive for buyers to purchase immediately and encourages brand loyalty.
  1.  Make Headlines - Media or Launch Kit.Add pizzazz to a media or product launch kit by using a branded presentation box, printed ribbon and a themed gift to make a memorable impact. 
  1.  It's In The Mail- A promotional item that bulks out a direct mail piece, creates curiosity and ensures mail is opened. Select a useful promotional item that links to the project and appeals to recipients.
  1.  Fundraising- Charities use promotional products very successfully to raise funds and increase awareness. They are ideal for all sorts of fundraising, including schools ad sports teams.  
  1.  Say Thanks- Recognise and reward employee achievements and milestones and show appreciation to valuable clients and supporters with a corporate gift  ... say thanks.
  1. Just Teasing- Include lightweight teasers in incentive programmes.  They keep motivation and interest high through a campaign. They can also be themed to match a travel reward destination or the key message of the campaign. 
  1.  Build Brand Identity and Loyalty - Longevityis one of the benefits of promotional products.  They build connections and if useful, are kept by recipients for a long time as a reminder. 
  1.  Event or Sales MerchandiseOfficial event merchandisesuch as hats, towels, polos and other branded items, is effective for consumer marketing.  Used as a giveaway or as a branded retail item for generating revenue. 
  1.  Meet With Conference & Event Success- Conference supplies such as satchels, lanyards, pillow gifts, notepads, pens etc, are all essential elements.  For conference and event organisers, branded merchandisecan add vital funding by enabling sponsors to receive profile by branding with their logo.
  1. Build Corporate Culture - Happy employees reduce turnover and sick days and a strong work culture builds a positive and creative atmosphere.  Include branded items in welcome kits for new staff and reward for success
  1.  You're A WinnerCompetitionsalways attract attention. Branded merchandise and gifts can feature as a minor or major prize. 
  1.  Sports DaysBuild team spirit, whether it is a company event such as the annual picnic, part of a conference or the local football or netball team.  Include apparel, hats, frisbees, pedometers and other branded sporting related items.
  1.  Sales Call 'Leave Behinds'- A promotional confectionery bag, post-it notes or other branded treats, add a finishing and memorable touch to a meeting or sales call.
  1.  Trade Fairs & Exhibitions- Use promotional gifts as a trade show handoutto exhbition visitors. Match a theme or message to maximise impact.   
  1.  Community ActivitiesLocal community involvement can include sponsorship of a local sports club or participation in activities and celebrations.  Promotional products help your involvement and exposure via handout treats, balloons, show bags, sports gear. 
  1.  Health & Safety First- High visibillity gear is used to reduce accidents in the work place.  Branded vests and jackets are popular in factory and warehouse environments.  Safety gear and healthy promotional items such as medical/first aid kits, lights, warning signs for cars, sunscreens, shades and even mousemats can convey important health and safety messages.
  1.  Public Interest and Educational Messages - Badges, stickers and novelties help to raise awareness and convey important public interest messages of edcuation by Government, Council, Charities and other Organisations. 
  1.  Promote your Cyberworld on stickers, badges, pens, post-it notes and other promotional products.promote a website or blog .. consider adding a QR code. 
  1.  Increase Visual Impact- Make the most of prime 'real estate' by adding a logo to market and rain umbrellas, display banners and add stickers to windows (and cars) to increase visual impactin high traffic areas

+ Everyone loves FREE STUFF


Keen to talk promotional products please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (please email for permission to re print).  


Thrive Promotional Products and Corporate Gifts is an Australian based company, supporting businesses from the big smoke cities of Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth ... to the regional towns, across the land.





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