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Kick Start 2016 with Internal Audit .. and Promotional Product Support

Kick start 2016 with an internal marketing review and tune-up.    It's the perfect time of the year, to undertake an in-house 'audit' to ensure the external and the internal procedures are consistent. 

Internal marketing is essentially about creating a great culture that aligns with the external message.   A company can have a wonderful product and promote its credentials such as customer service, but if the reality is different and the staff are not trained, not motivated and not satisfied, the impact on a business can be significant. 

At Thrive Promotional Products & Corporate Gifts, we offer promotional products that support initiatives to reward and engage employees.   Here are a few quick ideas where promotional products can play are staring role: 


Use promotional products to connect, involve and engage staff.  

- Prepare a welcome kit for new staff and include branded items 

- Provide incentives and reward staff ideas and add teasers and promotional items

- Add some 'fun' such as team activities to motivate, create team spirit and communicate information with staff

- Recognise milestones such as length of employment and other achievements


Get the Look:

Consider branded polos or formal business attire for a staff uniform to create team spirit.  

Include branded t-shirts or sports items for company based activities or employee activities that can be supported through sponsorship.  



Use promotional products to reinforce important company messages, for training and OH&S. 

- Update staff with the tools they need to perform their jobs

- Promotional products are great inclusions to keep safety procedures top of mind, to avoid accidents

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Say Thanks with Corporate Gifts

'Old fashioned' maybe, but saying 'thank you' should never be forgotten or under estimated.

Appreciation and recognition have long been acknowledged as important human needs. So, apart from being 'a nice thing to do', it makes business sense to value every single client and employee.

The benefits certainly make it very worthwhile. Taking time to convey thanks with a tangible gift, will showcase the value your company places on its relationship with the recipient.

There is an important distinction between a client or employee thank you gift and a promotional product.

The later has a very strategic role. Promotional products are used to build profile and brand awareness. It is perfectly acceptable to be bold and brazen with branding. A gift on the other hand, should be very subtle with inclusion of any logo identification.

While the end of the year is the most popular time for gift giving, other occasions may be ideal (the completion of a successful project and after a particularly busy period for employees).

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Custom Printed Car Air Freshener

Have you ever experienced the phenomenon that makes you acutely aware of something when you are searching for that very 'something'.  

e.g. Like a car purchase ... you see that model everywhere.

Custom branded car air fresheners

So it was, when I planned this blog post. I started noticing the number of car air fresheners swinging from car mirrors.

Judging from their popularity, what a great promotional item they would make ! A custom branded car air freshener should have lots of appeal to marketers.

Look at their attributes ..

  • long lasting 
  • useful 
  • lightweight (easy to mail and handout)

Add to the mix, they can be produced in a custom shape and choice of fragrance.


Perfect for the obvious auto and allied industries such as car sales, cash wash, insurance and repair. They have much wider appeal though .. travel, tourism and holiday resorts, schools, charities, food and beverage.


Find more about ia custom printed car air freshener and how to drive your brand further - Car Air Freshener

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Step Out With This Hi Tech Dude - ThinkFit Fitness Band

Step out with this cool hi tech dude.  

Take a walk and it will count your steps, calculate calories burnt and after all that, your new buddy will even monitor the quality of your sleep.

 blog ThinkFitBracelet

The ThinkFit Fitness Band provides real time monitoring of your daily exercise (okay, so you may not start out with a daily dose of running or walking really really fast, but in no time you will be inspired by the feedback and results).

If the fitness functions don't get you up, into your joggers and going, perhaps the selifie function will ... 1, 2, 3 smile (or, as I like to say 1, 2 3 .. spaghetti*). 

* you will always be in 'smile pose' when you say spaghetti 

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