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"Everything has arrived!!!!! Thank you so much for your time and patience. I'm really happy with each item. I just wanted to tell you that the promo stuff I took to the conference and workshop was such a hit! The delegates loved the USB's. "


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A chocolate a day may not keep the doctor away, but as a promotional gift, it will definitely lift the spirit and bring a chocolate smile to the face of everyone who receives.


Promotional chocolates are always a crowd pleaser and they are so versatile, enabling you to match a chocolate with any marketing or PR initiative. 


Suitable for a wide range of businesses and occasions, they can be customised to create just about any theme or logo.  

A branded chocolate can be used to simply say 'thank you' or include QR codes or incentives in the chocolate design or on the wrapper to further draw customers to your key message. 


Here are a few quick ideas to incorporate promotional chocolates :


1) Cherry on Top (except make it a chocolate !) - Who doesn't like diving to the bottom

 of an event bag to find a chocolate treat or who isn't delighted to receive a chocolate at the end of a meal.   

blog chocolateblock


Use chocolate to showcase your brand, by including as a treat at the end of corporate event, include a promotional chocolate as a conference pillow/room gift or in a trade show or goodie bag.


You can even add further incentive on the chocolate or packaging to drive recipients to your facebook page or website.


2) Chocolate Prize - make your custom chocolate the prize, using chocolate as a medal or even a chocolate 'champagne' bottle.  


3) Seasonal Chocolates - include chocolate in seasonal 

promotional activities (e.g. as a mid year Winter Warmer or an advent calender for Christmas). 


4) Chocolate Invitation - Create an event invitation from chocolate, use as a table placecard at an event or use chocolate 

promotional chocolate awards

or as a leave behind business card.


 5) Chocolae Gifts - Promotional chocolate, for one or a crowd, is perfect for end of financial year, festive gifts or to say 'we appreciate you'. 


According to statistical research published by APPA (Australasian Association of Promotional Products), promotional products are effective in staff retention, motivation and brand interest.


The results concluded:


  • 75% of Human Resource managers surveyed are using promotional products in recognition programs
  • 72% of marketing and HR managers say that a promotional product returned a favourable response to their campaign
  • 69% of advertisers said promotional products increased brand interest and 85% indicated it created a more favourable impression.



Want a fun, long lasting and interactive idea that connects with your customers?  What about an idea that doesn't take lots of budget.  Are you especially keen to find

blog duck2a way to build your social media profile?  


The answer could be this little rubber duck.


The concept .


1:  Take one cute rubber floating bath duck - you'll find options here rubber floating bath duck


2:  Get Thrive Promotional Products to print your facebook address, perhaps even a QR code onto each duck.


3:  Distribute your ducks with a little note asking recipients to take their duck with them on their travels and record where they go (cafe, overseas holiday, movie etc). 


4:  Reward photos posted via your facebook page, pinterest, instagram etc. 


"The spider builds his web across the door of a merchant who does not advertise for he knows he will not be disturbed". Mark Twain 1835-1910


How true is that.   One of the great benefits of promotional products is longevity .. Your message will last longer.






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