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"Everything has arrived!!!!! Thank you so much for your time and patience. I'm really happy with each item. I just wanted to tell you that the promo stuff I took to the conference and workshop was such a hit! The delegates loved the USB's. "


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If you want to make an impression and add a little lux to your branded notebooks, journals and diaries, consider foil stamping and embossing (or is it debossing .. read on).


What is foil stamping:

foilstamping and embossingIn brief:

1)  A 'block' is prepared of your logo or artwork, generally by engraving and etching a metal plate. 

2) Using the block, heat is applied to 'stamp' or transfer the foil onto the surface of the product.


Foil colour:  

A wide range of foil colours are available.  The most popular are gold and silver, however, blue, red, greens and black are among others. 



What is embossing ... and debossing?

Two terms are often used to describe this process.

Technically, embossing raises the pattern against its background.  While 

foilstamping and embossing2

debossing produces a recessed relief of your artwork or logo. 


It most cases, a deboss decoration is used to create a depression into the journal, notebook or diary.  The effect is either left as a 'blind deboss' or foil filled.


promotional mint tin for councilPromotional products offer great support to councils, government, charities and not-for profit organisations running Public Interest and Educational campaigns.


Important information such as healthy living, recycling/sustainability, sun protection, community programmes, littering, etc, is often difficult to convey with any impact. 


Promotional products are tangible and long lasting, enabling the message to be put literally into the hands of the target and for a long time. 


Here is an example ..

vegas waterbottle2


Check out this new water bottle called Vegas.


You could wiggle your hips and use as a pretend microphone to sing Viva Las Vegas (a corny Elvis movie reference if you are not old enough to remember !)


... or better still, brand with your logo and quench the thirst of lucky customers. 


The new Vegas promotional water bottle has great star appeal.


Customers, clients, fans, staff and other supporters .. they are essential to your business, whether you a multinational or a small operation.   In fact, without them, a business wouldn't be in business for very long !


While showing appreciation should be a regular event, it is often a neglected aspect of business activity.   


blog valentinesdaySo, with a new year underway, why not use Valentine's Day 2015 as the perfect opportunity to start some 'thank you' engagement with those that matter to your business and play a role in its success.  


The starting day is really not significant, however, Valentine's Day provides a ready made theme to convey your heart-felt love i.e. in a grateful, never take you for granted, we care about you kind of love.


For cafes, restaurants, theatres/cinemas and retailers, it is easy to see how to incorporate Valentine's Day thank you appreciation gift and message.  


  • Promotional fudge or coconut ice with a coffee order
  • A gift on every cinema seat on Valentine's Day, such as stadium cup 
  • A lollipop or give-away when a customer comes into your store and orders

... even a hairdresser can have some fun e.g. a branded nail fille with the message 'we love cutting your hair'. 


Be creative, whatever your industry, there is a promotional product that can work a treat for you. 


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