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"Everything has arrived!!!!! Thank you so much for your time and patience. I'm really happy with each item. I just wanted to tell you that the promo stuff I took to the conference and workshop was such a hit! The delegates loved the USB's. "


Travel Company




Mother's Day is a great opportunity to raise funds for your school or club. Here are five ideas to get you started :

mothersday lovesignmothersday double walled travel mug



1:  Double Walled Travel Mug

Description: Capacity 560ml. Available in 10 colours. 

Minimum order:  25 


2:  Inspiration Block

Description: Home decor block with message LOVE is the most powerful of all we have been given.

Minimum order:  24 (cartons of 12)


3.   Seasons Riviera Blackboard 

Description: Home memo wooden blackboard (200mmW x 320mmH x 5mmD. Includes one piece of chalk. Presented in gfit box.

Minimum order:  25


4. Grating Set

Description: Set of four different size graters made from stainless steel and ABS handles.

Minimum order:   25

mothersday grating set


seasons blackboard


There is something in the nature of tea that leads us into a world of quiet contemplation of life. - Lin Yutang



Promotional Tea 10box

Don't you just love that first sip of tea and the 'aaaahhh' relaxed feeling you get.


If you are keen to find the perfect opportunity to grab attention and connect with your customers, why not put a cup of tea in their hands.   At least supply a custom printed tea bag for the mug.   


Promotional tea is practical and popular and memorable, offering a great promotional product that really hits the spot. 

They also have wide appeal, suitable for banks, hotels, kitchen manufacturers, real estate, government communication, bedding suppliers .... charities and schools and just about any other business.


The perfect link to activities such as -


1)  Fundraising 

2)  Event or Conference room or insert gift 

3)  Education messages such as health initiatives

RU OK Box 50

4)  Hand out or direct mail treats

5)  Special Day promotions e.g. Mother's Day 

6)  Gift with purchase

7)  Introduction gifts and sales call leave behind

8)  PR or Media Kit


branded lunch box


No left over soggy sandwiches with these five attractive promotional lunch boxes, cooler bags and containers.


Perfect promotional items for schools and kindergartens, sports groups, tradies, staff appreciation gifts,

fundraising, gift with purchase and educational initiatives  such as healthy eating.  



1:  Branded Lunch Box (match with accompanying drink bottle)

Be the coolest with a totally customised lunch box.    

Find out more - Branded Lunch Box


Solo Lunch Cooler 107669

2:  Solo Lunch Cooler 

Stylish and functional cooler bag.

Find our more - Solo Lunch Cooler


3: StayFit Soup Express

Nothing says comfort than a bowl of soup.  

Find out more - StayFit Soup Express


SoupExpress TR4264 2






Kick start 2016 with an internal marketing review and tune-up.    It's the perfect time of the year, to undertake an in-house 'audit' to ensure the external and the internal procedures are consistent. 


Internal marketing is essentially about creating a great culture that aligns with the external message.   A company can have a wonderful product and promote its credentials such as customer service, but if the reality is different and the staff are not trained, not motivated and not satisfied, the impact on a business can be significant. 


At Thrive Promotional Products & Corporate Gifts, we offer promotional products that support initiatives to reward and engage employees.   Here are a few quick ideas where promotional products can play are staring role: 



Use promotional products to connect, involve and engage staff.  

- Prepare a welcome kit for new staff and include branded items 

- Provide incentives and reward staff ideas and add teasers and promotional items

- Add some 'fun' such as team activities to motivate, create team spirit and communicate information with staff

- Recognise milestones such as length of employment and other achievements


Get the Look:

Consider branded polos or formal business attire for a staff uniform to create team spirit.  

Include branded t-shirts or sports items for company based activities or employee activities that can be supported through sponsorship.  



Use promotional products to reinforce important company messages, for training and OH&S. 

- Update staff with the tools they need to perform their jobs

- Promotional products are great inclusions to keep safety procedures top of mind, to avoid accidents



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